You don port? 23/04/13

Top of the morning people! whats going on? that’s the same question i asked because this morning my dept (creative) was in a frenzy over a new MTN commercial. MTN, being one of the telecommunication giants in Nigeria has run an ad that is both brilliant and naughty. They featured “Saka” a comedian who prior to the ad, had been a front liner for commercials done by Etisalat, another telecoms company. In this ad, Saka humorously sings about having “ported”. this idea draws from the number portability initiative, that will soon take effect. the copy in the print ad “i don port” is a clever play on words which brings to mind “teleport” , “deport”, ” transport”, “pot” and all sorts of “ports”. my colleague Yinka, an art director says “the main thing is, Saka has “ported” in the sense that must he have signed a contract with MTN and by so doing has become their ambassador.” Way to go Saka! what do you think? is it that Etisalat didn’t sign him as a  brand ambassador? was he discontent with how he was being treated? you tell me. I believe things should be done properly. In business and every other aspect of life. That way its a win-win for all concerned. don’t you think this a big idea? doesn’t it make you gasp and wish it was yours? The TV commercial is hilarious! watch it here


This was described as award-winning commercial. Say it aint so!

Well, soon i will “port”, you will “port” and we can ask anyone who hasn’t got number portability in Nigerian pidgin, you don port?

catch y’all later people!


5 Responses to “You don port? 23/04/13”

  1. That’s just negative advertising bro…I dunno how in the world APCON approved that.
    On the part of Saka, that’s just too low…it doesn’t speak well of his integrity and and professionalism especially as a University lecturer who should be all about values ethics and morals.

    For Saka it was just all about the ‘doe’ forget how Etisalat was treating him or what ever. If there was an issue it could be resolved. But jumping ship at the smell of a bigger ‘doe’ shows just how shallow he really is.

    MTN too will never completely trust him, cos they know he can easily be bought.

    #Deffwill it

    • hey bro! wadup fam? mehn…in the spirit of sportsmanship, you gotta admit that its a brilliant idea. Besides, we all have to look out for ourselves. If you were in his shoes what would you do? would you rather be morally upstanding and broke? Or would you be over-payed and underrated? we the audience are waiting for Etisalat’s comeback tho..Biggo#

  2. floksbond Says:

    this is a good write up, way to go

  3. This ad is sooo hilarious!!!! The ‘I don port’ phrase is quickly becoming a thing in Nigeria too. It’s brilliant jor.
    Also, I heard that etisalat didn’t place Saka under any contract. He was just handled as a regular model. This made it easier for MTN to swoop in and we can see the result now. Hehehehehe…MTN will sharp sharp contract his ass down, if not…enough said!

    Weldone bro!
    Keep this up

    • you see? once an idea’s good most people would love it! What do you think will be Etisalat’s comeback? i don’t know about the Airtel commercial though…has any of you seen their commercial “The move? wow! i don’t know how they do it..smh. thanks guys. I’ll keep it up…

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