Sex and the condom…

Hello guys! whats been happening to you? well, I’ve been up and about. sometimes ads strike me and sometimes they don’t. at other times I’m just plain lazy (refer to Bruno Mars’ “Lazy song”). i thought about condoms during the weekend. which are some of your favourite condom ads and why? did you see the fake Usain Bolt Durex ad at the London Olympics last year?  The copy said “Usain- not every man wants to be the fastest in the world Condoms where used to represent the five Olympics.  Check it out.


When a colleague saw my title, he asked if i was high. i told him “not at the moment.” i believe that Sex is a deeply satisfying and pleasurable pastime for couples, especially with protection. I’ve used Gold Circle Condom and not because its affordable, it didn’t reduce my pleasure in any way. in fact, it was well lubricated. so tell me. do you think condoms reduce pleasure during sex? are there condoms that increase sexual enjoyment? how well are condom ads doing to show the quality and effectiveness of their condoms? here’s my simple version of a Gold Circle condom ad.  hey, i’m not an art director but erm..i try. lol what do you think?

“Did you know that you can make her glow? sure you can! with Gold Circle Condom”


I lay down in my room staring at the ceiling. I missed her and wondered if she missed me too. What could she be up to right now? I can’t wait to see her, hold her close and smell her perfume. If it’s not good enough the first time, I’ll work harder! I’m a sensitive guy, the kind that would “release” her at least twice before I came. I’ve got a pack of scientifically designed latex condoms and they fit like a second skin. they are also well lubricated and don’t burst, which makes the experience worthwhile. You see, I’m like Midas because everything I touch turns to gold. By the time I’m through with my darling, she’ll be positively glowing! Mm! mm! Mm! I can see her already.

Make her glow. Go for Gold Circle Condom.

Later people!


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