Its not just alcohol 26/04/13

Greetings friends! do you drink? when i say drink i mean alcohol:  spirits, wines and beers that intoxicate you and make you talk more than you usually would. now if you’re  talkative already, accept my sober apologies but i cant help you. you’re responsible for what you say. totally on your own (O.Y.O). i know guys who’d  call a babe they like but haven’t summoned the courage to tell how they feel and start saying sweet nothings in order to win her over or get a date.  Does Alcohol make them braver? As for me, i like beer, palm, red wine and champagne. when you drink beer at the right temperature, its enjoyable. i don’t really dig vodka because i feel drained whenever i drink even a small amount of it. i usually have to mix it with a soft drink, to take the edge off. As for red wine, y’all know its good for the heart and can turn you on (increases blood flow down below). when it comes to bubbly aka sparkling wine aka Champagne, i saved the best for the last. there’s a place called Champagne in France where this fizzy wine gets its name from. today there are other vines in various regions of the world. Its always been linked to royalty or the upper class and till date it is used in French coronations. it’s sheer class to sip on some Moet & Chandon, Veuve Clicquot, GH Mumm, or Ace of spades while having a sumptuous meal or a light snack. Just make sure that  you drink responsibly. I believe in moderation, that’s why I’ve really embarrassed myself only twice. you can ask my friend Emmanuel, if you get a hold of him. until then, you’ll have to take my word for it.  So my fellow moderate drinkers, you would agree with me that its okay to drink and enjoy yourself eh? should you drink irresponsibly? sure! When Guinness says “made of more” is it about more vomit or alcohol? is it about the immense potential we all have to achieve greatness in our lives. Does the fact that i drink make me less creative? but if i keep showing up to work with a hangover that reduces my productivity then its a problem. Many may have said you would never amount to anything. that you’re not creative or star material or that you’d end up poor and unsuccessful. But you know they ‘re wrong. in fact clueless! You know that you have talent, skill, passion, discipline, creativity, vision, faith and are constantly working towards fulfilling your dreams.  You fight the good fight, even on bad days. Whoever you are,  this ad encourages you to know that you’re made of more. check out these ads by BBDO Proximity, Singapore for the Guinness Made of more campaign. do they do justice to this idea? what could have been the thinking behind this campaign? Please share, my fellow lovers of creativity and life!

they say its more than just stout...what say you

they say its more than just stout…what say you?

keep on rockin...

keep on rockin…

"I'm not a businessman, I'm a business man!"-Jay-z

“I’m not a businessman, I’m a business man!”-Jay-z

so much more than just alcohol eh?

how's this for a CV?  get  tipsy on this

how’s this for a CV? get tipsy on this

That’s all for now folks… Cheers to the freaking weekend people!



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