Bald and beautiful?

Hey you, what you been up to? I’ve been busy staying alive and I noticed a hairstethically done ad while at it.
Don’t worry about the strange word; I’m quite sure you’ll figure out …
Have you ever seen the hair on a bald man’s head used to create words?
Well, I just did and I think it’s clever. Lowe Singapore did a nice job for Clear Anti-hair fall Shampoo.Although they’re offering a solution for falling hair, they make being bald quite attractive don’t you think?
i don’t know how true the copy is but its funny too. Enjoy


Bald: the new sexy

So what do you think? Did they succeed in making you see the beautiful side of being bald?
For those with falling or receding hair,   would you want to use Clear Shampoo?  Speak out in the comment box.




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