Is writing with a Pen now old school?

Halos! its been a while. hope you’re good and still doing what you and doing it well? Cool!
I’ve been AWOL for a while cos of work and maybe i didn’t find anything captivating..oh well, I’m here.
I’m alive and thankful. so check this out
Do you think that using a Biro or pen is old school?

This question arises whenever a colleague of mine, Segun gets teased about not having a pen.
Why don’t you have a pen? What kind of Copywriter doesn’t have a pen or Biro as we call it most times?
The writing Pen is old school, he responds smugly while shrugging it off like Jay-Z in his song
“Dirt off your shoulders.” “We are digital copywriters”, I say to back him up and because honestly,
our pens get borrowed so many times that we end up borrowing our own pens back.
You would agree that these days most people work with their smartphones, notebooks, laptops or desktops.
Thus, most writers work more with computers nowadays. “ Una dey tint?!,”my art director colleague and friend,
Bizkit would ask. Act like you know and catch up folks.
This right here is an impressive self-promo sort of CV cum ad
that I like and guess what?
It was done by a digital Copywriter! Check it out

People are not dulling oh…digital copy writing

Now use the comment box to speak your mind on the matter. Thanks!

Bless your hearts,



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