Dumb ways to die

hello there, whats been happening to you? its great to be alive isn’t it?
i feel blessed and thankful for another opportunity to live.
that’s why we should do what we can to stay alive. why so in love with life? someone may ask. Because we have a purpose to change the world for better.
it’s my nephew Samuel’s birthday today. Seems like yesterday when he was a
cute little baby ushered into the world.i can’t believe he’s 3years already.
He loves watching Barney and friends series and is more curious than a cat.
I’m glad he’s survived some of the dangers of playing with fire, running off without warning,
looking at some place other than where he’s going… the list is endless.
I’m glad he’s alive and well. God willing, he’ll live to fulfill his purpose.
This brings me to an interesting campaign by McCann Melbourne about safety around trains. it shows various ways that would be absolutely dumb if one died in such situations,
at least if they could help it.According to Adweek, The three-minute music video shows adorable blobs making the stupidest decisions ever—messing with animals,
sticking forks in toasters, eating superglue, etc.—leading to all sorts of gruesome, fatal accidents.
“The dumbest way to die, the ad suggests at the end,
is by being careless around trains.”The idea for a song started from a very simple premise:
What if we disguised a worthy safety message inside something that didn’t feel at all like a safety message?” said McCann executive creative director John Mescall.
“So we thought about what the complete opposite of a serious safety message would be and came to the conclusion it was an insanely happy and cute song.” With more than 30 million YouTube views, it seems happy, cute and grisly was the way to go.
The song begins, “Set fire to your hair/


why would you set your hair on fire? dumb right?

/Poke a stick at a grizzly bear


the bear responds

The song lyrics continue /Eat medicine that’s out of date

/Use your private parts as piranha bait


“before the chorus repeats the two lines, “Dumb ways to die/So many dumb ways to die.”
Mescall wrote most of the lyrics in one night at the agency. “It then took a few weeks of finessing,” he said, “getting rid of a few lines that weren’t funny enough and replacing them with new ones.” The line “Sell both your kidneys on the Internet” was a late inclusion. “I’m glad it’s there. It’s my favorite,” he said. It reminds me of one railway line at Ikeja along bus stop,in Lagos, Nigeria.
People sell all sorts of items from clothes to groceries and its usually a beehive of activity.
but when a train approaches everyone scampers off the tracks.
We stare as we see the people in, on top of and hanging at the trains doors.
holding on for dear life because they can’t afford to fall.
Certainly not! the hustle continues tomorrow. Sometimes we can’t control everything.
Nevertheless,We should all strive to be safe around trains and
prevent others from endangering their lives among other things.
This is what i think “Dumb ways to die” campaign is saying.
What do you think? Please use the comment box and speak ya mind.

Be safe!




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