kiss from a gum


Made for kissing? i see…

Did you know that you’re more likely to catch a cold by shaking hands,
than by kissing? that’s according to Uberfacts. do you like kissing? well i do. in France people greet by kissing both cheeks twice or four times, depending on how close they are.
across various cultures, it could be a cool expression of friendship, tender love or vigorous passion. You may have also seen the kiss of death: stories where people died after being kissed.
that’s not what I’m referring to.unless bad breath has been known to kill. feel free to let me know.
i can still recall the soft caress of the lushest lips I’ve ever kissed. dayuum!
You will agree with me that if you’re going to successfully kiss someone,your mouth should be clean.
Better still, you need fresh breath.this is where Topline Chewing gum comes in.
Leo Burnett Tailor Made, Brazil did this ad with the copy “made of kissing” don’t you think so too?
To get some Topline gum please use the comment box and express yourself! Gotcha!
Sorry to burst your bubble, there’s no gum but you could open your mouth and achieve something brilliant, so talk to me. Cheers






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