A better world for you and me

#sings# Heal the world, make it a better place for you and for me and the entire human race.
there are people dying.if you care enough for the living.
make a better place for you and for me-“Heal the world”-Michael Jackson
Dear friend, don’t you just hate it when bad things happen? especially to good people like you and me. in case you’re wondering why i was singing, i love that song. its so inspiring.
i mean, I’m not saying I’m perfect. who is? we can’t deny that we live in a world where some people gain from
bad things: stealing at all levels, corruption, murder and terrorism to mention a minute few.
we could decide to  dwell on all the disasters and destruction wreaked by humans and nature from now till kingdom come.
But i still believe the world can be so much better. i look on the bright side.
i don’t pretend not to feel angry, sad or ashamed at times. i just know that theses are emotions i must experience.
except i’m a robot or some other element, which i’m not.i also embrace the good feelings and try to make them last longer.
like the Guinness Clock that’s made of more:

You should do the same. Because that’s what life’s about.
in the same vein, i like what Coca-cola did with its ads about seeing the positive side of situations
especially those that are almost always bad. The copy says ‘let’s look at the world a little differently.” Check em out:


wouldn’t it be nice if a gangster did the above?


this is one mischievous Santa Claus!

Google global impact challenge did a brilliant job of showing what your cursor can do to make the world a better place.
I think they did a lovely job. you should see it.

we have a great role to play in stopping bad things from happening.like accidents.
Mini gave women in Mexico a warning but all women should learn from this:

still in the spirit of looking on the bright side, AES Electropaulos Lightpost projectors shares “the best stories of life through energy.”

We can’t give up. Got to keep on moving. let’s conquer the bad with good. let’s not just complain but act to correct the situation.
let’s unite against poverty, diseases, corruption,terrorism, racism and all the other bad isms. wherever you are: in your corner, office, business, street, area, country.
Live, laugh and love yourself and the next person. let’s do what we can to make the world a better place.

what do you think of these ads?  do they inspire you?  please use the comment box and express yourself”. Bless


2 Responses to “A better world for you and me”

  1. great post man. keep it up!

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