Dance: the new language

Hello folks! how are you today? I’m very well, thanks.
i love to dance. maybe not as a Choreographer but someone who just moves to the beat.
i used to dance at social nights in boarding school.
you see my school was mixed (boys and girls) and i was the entertainer.
i got the nickname “busta rhymes” because i would bust moves energetically
and break dance in a way that reminded most people of the rapper.
trust me, he was animated back then. sometimes, i would use try to form dance moves from sports.
like when you pass the ball in between your legs in a dribble or when you’re crossing your feet back and forth in a “leg-over”
my favourite was the the basketball dribble and the shot.catch my drift?
so when i saw a campaign about using dance moves to communicate, i was blown away!
Puma’s Dance Dictionary uses dance moves to express words.
they made sure the dancers wore cool PUMA outfits and subtly pushed their new fragrances for him & her.
Check it out:

i like how they didn’t put what they were selling in your face. plus they are repping hip-hop and dance culture.
it would appeal to young, vibrant, energetic people globally.

what do you think about the ad? use the comment box and let me know what y’all think or better still. move it!
 * dances and does the prayer sign* have a fab week!
Bless. Biggmatics


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