From Emoticons to Acousticons!

Hey You! How are you doing? Do you like smileys? Do they help you express yourself better? Well I do! I tend to add smiley’s to my chats and messages and a lot of times I wish I had more emoticons to express myself. Most people I’ve spoken to, especially in Nigeria think that smiley’s are usually not a true reflection of the sender or receiver’s mind state. For instance if a lady sends you an ROTFL smiley, she probably just chuckled or when people send laughing smiley’s, they are actually smiling or grinning. In some cases they might even be expressionless to someone who can see them. In my case, when I send a kiss smiley it’s because I want to kiss the recipient ( a girlfriend, lover or female family member) or I could do so if face-to-face with the person. I’ve been warned by most guys not to believe whatever smiley a girl sends you till you see her in person and you can confirm for yourself. I guess its different strokes for different folks.  Now, here’s the reason I’m excited about smiley’s/emoticons. Jeh waach! That’s Trinidad James’ way of saying just watch…lol
As you saw, The Philharmoniker, Hamburg (Hamburg Philharmonic Orchestra) in Germany with the help of Hamburg-based Ad agency Draftfcb, has created Acousticons App: animated emoticons application that comes with music for different moods, depending on the mood involved. If it’s sad, you get a sad faced emoticon along with sad music. If its love, you get two emoticons that kiss each other passionately. And they look like black musical notes with smiley faces.  I believe this would endear the Orchestra to its fans and phone-users worldwide, including you and me. How?  Because we use our mobile and smart phones to chat. You can download and enjoy.  I think it’s an innovative and classy way to connect more with a younger audience.  It’s one of the few ads I’ve seen that should have an all-stars rating on If it didn’t have audio, I would understand it clearly. Enough about me though, let’s hear your thoughts.
What do you think? Was the ad simple and clear enough? Would the Acousticons App make you want to visit the orchestra? Would it make chatting so much more exciting? Always feel free to use the comment box and speak your mind. Bless! Biggmatics


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