Is it a Game of Thrones or Words?


This guy is Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lanister in Game of thrones). a clever small man indeed

Hello people! i guess some people may have wondered where the hell Bigg went. No worries fam, I’m here now. was caught up in work and sometimes you find that you don’t have time for yourself. Well I’ve made that time for you.  Moving on! i guess a lot of you know Game of thrones. As a code between us lets call it GOT okay? And if you haven’t seen it, what are you waiting for? Its an epic fantasy television drama series adapted from a novel series written by George R.R Martin. ask google to find out more. there are so many twists, plots and sub-plots that at various points in the series, the main character could get killed. when i say killed i mean they actually die or leave for some mysterious reason that keeps you hoping they might come back. There’s violence, sex, crime, punishment, scheming and more. Most of the cast are trying to gain wealth, influence and power. others are just trying to stay alive. Did i hear you say children shouldn’t be allowed to see it? of course not!  it’s for adults. Good things come to those who wait. in this case at least. where was i? oh yes! then there’s the dialogue: eloquent, mysterious and colourful. Don’t you just love words? well i do! because they are as old as creation. As a writer i have personally increased my vocabulary just by watching it. because you have to feed yourself with information from various sources and these would produce great ideas when you need them: they would give you a big idea. i love words that inspire. i also love big ideas because they are not forced. a big idea doesn’t come when you’re given a creative brief that’s been fermenting in the system and expected to perform magic on it. it comes like a cool breeze that makes you feel so good. anyone that hears it gasps and wishes it was theirs. a vast majority, even critics will admit that’s its a great idea. it will sell and most importantly you would be able to put it in WORDS.  just keep building yourself up. hone your skills and learn a new one. Never be too talented that you cant be taught. that’s a DON’T in almost ALL cases. as you’re building up, you’re preparing yourself for that big bang that will propel you to greatness in the form of a great job, grand prize at some contest, something you’ve dreamed of. i totally agree with Adidas that “impossible is nothing.” Like Lord Varys (the castrated spy in GOT) said in season 3,  episode 4  “influence is a matter of patience.” and “Genius is found in the most unlikely places.” Although he was referring to the way Podrick (Tyrion’s servant) impressed the three harlots that were to disvirgin him as compensation for his loyalty to his midget master. I agree that there have been pockets of battles in the series so far. Nonetheless, i really do believe that the games being played in GOT are indeed games of words. the use of words: to threaten, to negotiate, to gain “unsullied” loyalty (like Daenerys the mother of dragons did), to win allies, wars and sit on thrones of kingdoms. One of my favourite scenes was in  season 2 episode 1 where Queen Cersei showed Lord Petyr Baelish (Little finger) that “Power is Power”  watch it here 

We can go on and on about the power of words. that would mean i have to write more. but we know that we can’t exist without words. that’s where our language and communication comes from, among a million and one other things. words make music, words tell stories, words express love. words sell. they are an indispensable part of advertising and life. The Bible, Koran and other holy books are wriiten. Great philosophers and writers like Socrates, Plato, Shakespeare, Wole Soyinka, Chinua Achebe to mention a few, have used words to touch the keep building your archive of words that do good and will change the world for the better. In the words of Nike “just do it” Did you watch the clip? What do you think? Well, I have to say, it was pretty cool the way she showed him who was the boss. Bless. OBiggman


One Response to “Is it a Game of Thrones or Words?”

  1. Nice writing dude.I have to agree with you,the dialogue is amazing

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