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A better world for you and me

Posted in Creativity and life on May 24, 2013 by obiggman

#sings# Heal the world, make it a better place for you and for me and the entire human race.
there are people dying.if you care enough for the living.
make a better place for you and for me-“Heal the world”-Michael Jackson
Dear friend, don’t you just hate it when bad things happen? especially to good people like you and me. in case you’re wondering why i was singing, i love that song. its so inspiring.
i mean, I’m not saying I’m perfect. who is? we can’t deny that we live in a world where some people gain from
bad things: stealing at all levels, corruption, murder and terrorism to mention a minute few.
we could decide to  dwell on all the disasters and destruction wreaked by humans and nature from now till kingdom come.
But i still believe the world can be so much better. i look on the bright side.
i don’t pretend not to feel angry, sad or ashamed at times. i just know that theses are emotions i must experience.
except i’m a robot or some other element, which i’m not.i also embrace the good feelings and try to make them last longer.
like the Guinness Clock that’s made of more:

You should do the same. Because that’s what life’s about.
in the same vein, i like what Coca-cola did with its ads about seeing the positive side of situations
especially those that are almost always bad. The copy says ‘let’s look at the world a little differently.” Check em out:


wouldn’t it be nice if a gangster did the above?


this is one mischievous Santa Claus!

Google global impact challenge did a brilliant job of showing what your cursor can do to make the world a better place.
I think they did a lovely job. you should see it.

we have a great role to play in stopping bad things from accidents.
Mini gave women in Mexico a warning but all women should learn from this:

still in the spirit of looking on the bright side, AES Electropaulos Lightpost projectors shares “the best stories of life through energy.”

We can’t give up. Got to keep on moving. let’s conquer the bad with good. let’s not just complain but act to correct the situation.
let’s unite against poverty, diseases, corruption,terrorism, racism and all the other bad isms. wherever you are: in your corner, office, business, street, area, country.
Live, laugh and love yourself and the next person. let’s do what we can to make the world a better place.

what do you think of these ads?  do they inspire you?  please use the comment box and express yourself”. Bless


Dance: the new language

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Hello folks! how are you today? I’m very well, thanks.
i love to dance. maybe not as a Choreographer but someone who just moves to the beat.
i used to dance at social nights in boarding school.
you see my school was mixed (boys and girls) and i was the entertainer.
i got the nickname “busta rhymes” because i would bust moves energetically
and break dance in a way that reminded most people of the rapper.
trust me, he was animated back then. sometimes, i would use try to form dance moves from sports.
like when you pass the ball in between your legs in a dribble or when you’re crossing your feet back and forth in a “leg-over”
my favourite was the the basketball dribble and the shot.catch my drift?
so when i saw a campaign about using dance moves to communicate, i was blown away!
Puma’s Dance Dictionary uses dance moves to express words.
they made sure the dancers wore cool PUMA outfits and subtly pushed their new fragrances for him & her.
Check it out:

i like how they didn’t put what they were selling in your face. plus they are repping hip-hop and dance culture.
it would appeal to young, vibrant, energetic people globally.

what do you think about the ad? use the comment box and let me know what y’all think or better still. move it!
 * dances and does the prayer sign* have a fab week!
Bless. Biggmatics

From Emoticons to Acousticons!

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Hey You! How are you doing? Do you like smileys? Do they help you express yourself better? Well I do! I tend to add smiley’s to my chats and messages and a lot of times I wish I had more emoticons to express myself. Most people I’ve spoken to, especially in Nigeria think that smiley’s are usually not a true reflection of the sender or receiver’s mind state. For instance if a lady sends you an ROTFL smiley, she probably just chuckled or when people send laughing smiley’s, they are actually smiling or grinning. In some cases they might even be expressionless to someone who can see them. In my case, when I send a kiss smiley it’s because I want to kiss the recipient ( a girlfriend, lover or female family member) or I could do so if face-to-face with the person. I’ve been warned by most guys not to believe whatever smiley a girl sends you till you see her in person and you can confirm for yourself. I guess its different strokes for different folks.  Now, here’s the reason I’m excited about smiley’s/emoticons. Jeh waach! That’s Trinidad James’ way of saying just watch…lol
As you saw, The Philharmoniker, Hamburg (Hamburg Philharmonic Orchestra) in Germany with the help of Hamburg-based Ad agency Draftfcb, has created Acousticons App: animated emoticons application that comes with music for different moods, depending on the mood involved. If it’s sad, you get a sad faced emoticon along with sad music. If its love, you get two emoticons that kiss each other passionately. And they look like black musical notes with smiley faces.  I believe this would endear the Orchestra to its fans and phone-users worldwide, including you and me. How?  Because we use our mobile and smart phones to chat. You can download and enjoy.  I think it’s an innovative and classy way to connect more with a younger audience.  It’s one of the few ads I’ve seen that should have an all-stars rating on If it didn’t have audio, I would understand it clearly. Enough about me though, let’s hear your thoughts.
What do you think? Was the ad simple and clear enough? Would the Acousticons App make you want to visit the orchestra? Would it make chatting so much more exciting? Always feel free to use the comment box and speak your mind. Bless! Biggmatics

Is it a Game of Thrones or Words?

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This guy is Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lanister in Game of thrones). a clever small man indeed

Hello people! i guess some people may have wondered where the hell Bigg went. No worries fam, I’m here now. was caught up in work and sometimes you find that you don’t have time for yourself. Well I’ve made that time for you.  Moving on! i guess a lot of you know Game of thrones. As a code between us lets call it GOT okay? And if you haven’t seen it, what are you waiting for? Its an epic fantasy television drama series adapted from a novel series written by George R.R Martin. ask google to find out more. there are so many twists, plots and sub-plots that at various points in the series, the main character could get killed. when i say killed i mean they actually die or leave for some mysterious reason that keeps you hoping they might come back. There’s violence, sex, crime, punishment, scheming and more. Most of the cast are trying to gain wealth, influence and power. others are just trying to stay alive. Did i hear you say children shouldn’t be allowed to see it? of course not!  it’s for adults. Good things come to those who wait. in this case at least. where was i? oh yes! then there’s the dialogue: eloquent, mysterious and colourful. Don’t you just love words? well i do! because they are as old as creation. As a writer i have personally increased my vocabulary just by watching it. because you have to feed yourself with information from various sources and these would produce great ideas when you need them: they would give you a big idea. i love words that inspire. i also love big ideas because they are not forced. a big idea doesn’t come when you’re given a creative brief that’s been fermenting in the system and expected to perform magic on it. it comes like a cool breeze that makes you feel so good. anyone that hears it gasps and wishes it was theirs. a vast majority, even critics will admit that’s its a great idea. it will sell and most importantly you would be able to put it in WORDS.  just keep building yourself up. hone your skills and learn a new one. Never be too talented that you cant be taught. that’s a DON’T in almost ALL cases. as you’re building up, you’re preparing yourself for that big bang that will propel you to greatness in the form of a great job, grand prize at some contest, something you’ve dreamed of. i totally agree with Adidas that “impossible is nothing.” Like Lord Varys (the castrated spy in GOT) said in season 3,  episode 4  “influence is a matter of patience.” and “Genius is found in the most unlikely places.” Although he was referring to the way Podrick (Tyrion’s servant) impressed the three harlots that were to disvirgin him as compensation for his loyalty to his midget master. I agree that there have been pockets of battles in the series so far. Nonetheless, i really do believe that the games being played in GOT are indeed games of words. the use of words: to threaten, to negotiate, to gain “unsullied” loyalty (like Daenerys the mother of dragons did), to win allies, wars and sit on thrones of kingdoms. One of my favourite scenes was in  season 2 episode 1 where Queen Cersei showed Lord Petyr Baelish (Little finger) that “Power is Power”  watch it here 

We can go on and on about the power of words. that would mean i have to write more. but we know that we can’t exist without words. that’s where our language and communication comes from, among a million and one other things. words make music, words tell stories, words express love. words sell. they are an indispensable part of advertising and life. The Bible, Koran and other holy books are wriiten. Great philosophers and writers like Socrates, Plato, Shakespeare, Wole Soyinka, Chinua Achebe to mention a few, have used words to touch the keep building your archive of words that do good and will change the world for the better. In the words of Nike “just do it” Did you watch the clip? What do you think? Well, I have to say, it was pretty cool the way she showed him who was the boss. Bless. OBiggman