start now… 11/04/13

hey world! how are y’all doing today? you should know that the best way to start doing something you want is to start. No more delays. no time for dulling. Because many young, talented people have inspired me. Because I’m the master of my destiny. I’ll make a mark too deeply etched in time to be erased. I’m a creative person who’s fascinated by all works of creativity, across different genres. from music to art to literature. I’m passionate about words. the way stories are woven and hold millions of readers spellbound. the way great commercials connect to the audience and get them to respond. the way movies create fantasies and make you believe that a lot of the film tricks are possible. s/o to Jet Li and his crew. they certainly take a special dose of red bull…i mean! look how they fly. They would make some birds jealous. i like the way people combine colours, clothes, shoes and accessories to look fabulous. I’m curious about people and what makes them tick especially the womenfolk. God was definitely showing off when he made them. i will infect you with my passion and encourage you to be persistent at what you love and are good at. trust me, you will be the better for it. In Nigeria today you can see how young people are running things. we are in the driving seat. in a country where people work because they are afraid of being broke and hungry. where the so-called rich”oppress” others when what they enjoy is part of everyday life in advanced countries. where the old people have repeatedly recycled themselves to remain in government.. I have found the answer! We all have that unique ingredient that makes us great. we just have to discover it, nurture it and use it the best we can. So many young Nigerians are doing us proud globally. it could be more than one talent or passion. you just gotta find it. like Socrates said ‘know thyself..” because when you do. you can love yourself. you can love others. you can inspire. you can make the world a better place. don’t give in to complacency, mediocrity or laziness. if you work hard, you shall succeed. basically, whatever great, world-changing thing you want to do. like Nike says just do it! live, love and stay creative! Impossible is nothing…Peace! Biggo


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