I had to talk about them… 15/04/13

Man! i wouldn’t mind that pair of jeans though? doesn’t it look like a clothing ad? find out more on the other side of the image.


whats up lovely people? what did you think of the “shower of life” post? anyway, i looked at some new ads and decided to share. Like the advertising great David Ogilvy said, “if it doesn’t sell, it isn’t creative” Do you think these ads would sell? are they brilliant or what?  The ads by HEREZIE, Paris for Eau Ecarlate using jeans, the Facebook Home commercial by Wieden+Kennedy Portland and the one about a puppet  who loves Wheat Thins cereal (executed by BEING New York) were particularly interesting. Does the ad about jeans reflect innovation? how does it connect to what Spotless (an Australian cleaning, catering, facilities management company) does? was the Facebook Home commercial fun? would it make you want to use their services?
Check them out



this Capital Newspaper ad is about the businessman. the copy encourages you to “be your own boss” the execution by Graffiti BBDO Bucharest, Romania cleverly mimicks their logo (which is on the last “S” of “boss” in the copy). it shows the independence and flexibility of a modern business owner or entrepreneur. i guess you can rightly say that the Graffiti is on the wall. oh yeah!  What does it say to you? would you like to see your bum like the guy in the cartoon? I’m sure that most people would like to be their own boss. maybe that’s what capital newspaper represents in terms of freedom of speech and opinion…Don’t ask me. I’m asking you.lol. lets figure it out.


 They say looking good is good business, i say smelling good is great business for anyone and for guys, you can get the “business” with your ladies or love interests. Speaking of perfumes, what do y’all think about the interesting way Issey Miyake celebrated their “Pleats please” perfume and accessories line anniversary by using pleats. Nice isn’t it?


yummy looking pancakes? pleats! don’t eat them


i love good food, wine and fashion. among other things. i thoroughly enjoyed these ads. The question is would i use their products? Would you?

There’s something fascinating about them right?




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