shower of life… 12/04/13

Hey world! top of the morning to you. i slept without power last night & it was so hot and uncomfortable that i couldn’t wait for daylight. don’t you feel that way sometimes? because at this point I’d love to literally be cool all day. but the new Old Spice Bar Soap: Shower Ad captures the general feeling of discomfort in heat and the danger of being sweaty, smelly and uncomfortable. the copy “the bar soap you’ve been smelling for” is hilarious! see it here & let me know what you think people! i mean lets face it, there’s no such thing as getting used to heat. especially for us in the tropics. you’d think that with the time we spend in the sun, we’d be like “the sun’s alright, I’m used to it’s hot brilliant rays” hell no! you cant get used to heat. And i guess this is Old’s Spice’s way of showing it. was it just a stupid ad? would you remember it? what was its big idea? would you buy and use Old Spice soap? Because you’re the target.Shout out to Jordan Latour from Ontario, Canada for liking my first post. thanks man. y’all enjoy the weekend. Biggo!


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