a nightclub of horses…

hey guys! how are you all doing? I’m good. thank you. #winks# like i said, I’ll be asking reviewing any creative work that strikes me. i would love to hear your views as well. i was going through adsoftheworld.com, a famous site where creative works are showcased and i found an interesting print ad, powerfully executed by Heads SP, Brazil.  The copy goes like this “whatever it takes. Cabaret audio producer: Battlefield “…  A cabaret is what we now call a nightclub/pub/go-go/strip club… Catch my drift? it just made me wonder what a nightclub filled with horses and their riders performing would be like. Or is it about a battle fought on horse-back in a pub? There would be a whole lot of neighing. i think its memorable though. Because its hard to forget the image.

go horsey! its your birthday

go horsey! its your birthday

what does “whatever it takes” mean? Could it be expressing the lengths that one could go to produce music? does the work clearly pass a message to you? besides the impressive execution of the ad, what’s the big idea that led to it? Check it out


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