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Its not just alcohol 26/04/13

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Greetings friends! do you drink? when i say drink i mean alcohol:  spirits, wines and beers that intoxicate you and make you talk more than you usually would. now if you’re  talkative already, accept my sober apologies but i cant help you. you’re responsible for what you say. totally on your own (O.Y.O). i know guys who’d  call a babe they like but haven’t summoned the courage to tell how they feel and start saying sweet nothings in order to win her over or get a date.  Does Alcohol make them braver? As for me, i like beer, palm, red wine and champagne. when you drink beer at the right temperature, its enjoyable. i don’t really dig vodka because i feel drained whenever i drink even a small amount of it. i usually have to mix it with a soft drink, to take the edge off. As for red wine, y’all know its good for the heart and can turn you on (increases blood flow down below). when it comes to bubbly aka sparkling wine aka Champagne, i saved the best for the last. there’s a place called Champagne in France where this fizzy wine gets its name from. today there are other vines in various regions of the world. Its always been linked to royalty or the upper class and till date it is used in French coronations. it’s sheer class to sip on some Moet & Chandon, Veuve Clicquot, GH Mumm, or Ace of spades while having a sumptuous meal or a light snack. Just make sure that  you drink responsibly. I believe in moderation, that’s why I’ve really embarrassed myself only twice. you can ask my friend Emmanuel, if you get a hold of him. until then, you’ll have to take my word for it.  So my fellow moderate drinkers, you would agree with me that its okay to drink and enjoy yourself eh? should you drink irresponsibly? sure! When Guinness says “made of more” is it about more vomit or alcohol? is it about the immense potential we all have to achieve greatness in our lives. Does the fact that i drink make me less creative? but if i keep showing up to work with a hangover that reduces my productivity then its a problem. Many may have said you would never amount to anything. that you’re not creative or star material or that you’d end up poor and unsuccessful. But you know they ‘re wrong. in fact clueless! You know that you have talent, skill, passion, discipline, creativity, vision, faith and are constantly working towards fulfilling your dreams.  You fight the good fight, even on bad days. Whoever you are,  this ad encourages you to know that you’re made of more. check out these ads by BBDO Proximity, Singapore for the Guinness Made of more campaign. do they do justice to this idea? what could have been the thinking behind this campaign? Please share, my fellow lovers of creativity and life!

they say its more than just stout...what say you

they say its more than just stout…what say you?

keep on rockin...

keep on rockin…

"I'm not a businessman, I'm a business man!"-Jay-z

“I’m not a businessman, I’m a business man!”-Jay-z

so much more than just alcohol eh?

how's this for a CV?  get  tipsy on this

how’s this for a CV? get tipsy on this

That’s all for now folks… Cheers to the freaking weekend people!



You don port? 23/04/13

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Top of the morning people! whats going on? that’s the same question i asked because this morning my dept (creative) was in a frenzy over a new MTN commercial. MTN, being one of the telecommunication giants in Nigeria has run an ad that is both brilliant and naughty. They featured “Saka” a comedian who prior to the ad, had been a front liner for commercials done by Etisalat, another telecoms company. In this ad, Saka humorously sings about having “ported”. this idea draws from the number portability initiative, that will soon take effect. the copy in the print ad “i don port” is a clever play on words which brings to mind “teleport” , “deport”, ” transport”, “pot” and all sorts of “ports”. my colleague Yinka, an art director says “the main thing is, Saka has “ported” in the sense that must he have signed a contract with MTN and by so doing has become their ambassador.” Way to go Saka! what do you think? is it that Etisalat didn’t sign him as a  brand ambassador? was he discontent with how he was being treated? you tell me. I believe things should be done properly. In business and every other aspect of life. That way its a win-win for all concerned. don’t you think this a big idea? doesn’t it make you gasp and wish it was yours? The TV commercial is hilarious! watch it here


This was described as award-winning commercial. Say it aint so!

Well, soon i will “port”, you will “port” and we can ask anyone who hasn’t got number portability in Nigerian pidgin, you don port?

catch y’all later people!

Sex and the condom…

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Hello guys! whats been happening to you? well, I’ve been up and about. sometimes ads strike me and sometimes they don’t. at other times I’m just plain lazy (refer to Bruno Mars’ “Lazy song”). i thought about condoms during the weekend. which are some of your favourite condom ads and why? did you see the fake Usain Bolt Durex ad at the London Olympics last year?  The copy said “Usain- not every man wants to be the fastest in the world Condoms where used to represent the five Olympics.  Check it out.


When a colleague saw my title, he asked if i was high. i told him “not at the moment.” i believe that Sex is a deeply satisfying and pleasurable pastime for couples, especially with protection. I’ve used Gold Circle Condom and not because its affordable, it didn’t reduce my pleasure in any way. in fact, it was well lubricated. so tell me. do you think condoms reduce pleasure during sex? are there condoms that increase sexual enjoyment? how well are condom ads doing to show the quality and effectiveness of their condoms? here’s my simple version of a Gold Circle condom ad.  hey, i’m not an art director but erm..i try. lol what do you think?

“Did you know that you can make her glow? sure you can! with Gold Circle Condom”


I lay down in my room staring at the ceiling. I missed her and wondered if she missed me too. What could she be up to right now? I can’t wait to see her, hold her close and smell her perfume. If it’s not good enough the first time, I’ll work harder! I’m a sensitive guy, the kind that would “release” her at least twice before I came. I’ve got a pack of scientifically designed latex condoms and they fit like a second skin. they are also well lubricated and don’t burst, which makes the experience worthwhile. You see, I’m like Midas because everything I touch turns to gold. By the time I’m through with my darling, she’ll be positively glowing! Mm! mm! Mm! I can see her already.

Make her glow. Go for Gold Circle Condom.

Later people!

start now… 11/04/13

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hey world! how are y’all doing today? you should know that the best way to start doing something you want is to start. No more delays. no time for dulling. Because many young, talented people have inspired me. Because I’m the master of my destiny. I’ll make a mark too deeply etched in time to be erased. I’m a creative person who’s fascinated by all works of creativity, across different genres. from music to art to literature. I’m passionate about words. the way stories are woven and hold millions of readers spellbound. the way great commercials connect to the audience and get them to respond. the way movies create fantasies and make you believe that a lot of the film tricks are possible. s/o to Jet Li and his crew. they certainly take a special dose of red bull…i mean! look how they fly. They would make some birds jealous. i like the way people combine colours, clothes, shoes and accessories to look fabulous. I’m curious about people and what makes them tick especially the womenfolk. God was definitely showing off when he made them. i will infect you with my passion and encourage you to be persistent at what you love and are good at. trust me, you will be the better for it. In Nigeria today you can see how young people are running things. we are in the driving seat. in a country where people work because they are afraid of being broke and hungry. where the so-called rich”oppress” others when what they enjoy is part of everyday life in advanced countries. where the old people have repeatedly recycled themselves to remain in government.. I have found the answer! We all have that unique ingredient that makes us great. we just have to discover it, nurture it and use it the best we can. So many young Nigerians are doing us proud globally. it could be more than one talent or passion. you just gotta find it. like Socrates said ‘know thyself..” because when you do. you can love yourself. you can love others. you can inspire. you can make the world a better place. don’t give in to complacency, mediocrity or laziness. if you work hard, you shall succeed. basically, whatever great, world-changing thing you want to do. like Nike says just do it! live, love and stay creative! Impossible is nothing…Peace! Biggo

I had to talk about them… 15/04/13

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Man! i wouldn’t mind that pair of jeans though? doesn’t it look like a clothing ad? find out more on the other side of the image.


whats up lovely people? what did you think of the “shower of life” post? anyway, i looked at some new ads and decided to share. Like the advertising great David Ogilvy said, “if it doesn’t sell, it isn’t creative” Do you think these ads would sell? are they brilliant or what?  The ads by HEREZIE, Paris for Eau Ecarlate using jeans, the Facebook Home commercial by Wieden+Kennedy Portland and the one about a puppet  who loves Wheat Thins cereal (executed by BEING New York) were particularly interesting. Does the ad about jeans reflect innovation? how does it connect to what Spotless (an Australian cleaning, catering, facilities management company) does? was the Facebook Home commercial fun? would it make you want to use their services?
Check them out

this Capital Newspaper ad is about the businessman. the copy encourages you to “be your own boss” the execution by Graffiti BBDO Bucharest, Romania cleverly mimicks their logo (which is on the last “S” of “boss” in the copy). it shows the independence and flexibility of a modern business owner or entrepreneur. i guess you can rightly say that the Graffiti is on the wall. oh yeah!  What does it say to you? would you like to see your bum like the guy in the cartoon? I’m sure that most people would like to be their own boss. maybe that’s what capital newspaper represents in terms of freedom of speech and opinion…Don’t ask me. I’m asking lets figure it out.


 They say looking good is good business, i say smelling good is great business for anyone and for guys, you can get the “business” with your ladies or love interests. Speaking of perfumes, what do y’all think about the interesting way Issey Miyake celebrated their “Pleats please” perfume and accessories line anniversary by using pleats. Nice isn’t it?


yummy looking pancakes? pleats! don’t eat them


i love good food, wine and fashion. among other things. i thoroughly enjoyed these ads. The question is would i use their products? Would you?

There’s something fascinating about them right?



shower of life… 12/04/13

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Hey world! top of the morning to you. i slept without power last night & it was so hot and uncomfortable that i couldn’t wait for daylight. don’t you feel that way sometimes? because at this point I’d love to literally be cool all day. but the new Old Spice Bar Soap: Shower Ad captures the general feeling of discomfort in heat and the danger of being sweaty, smelly and uncomfortable. the copy “the bar soap you’ve been smelling for” is hilarious! see it here & let me know what you think people! i mean lets face it, there’s no such thing as getting used to heat. especially for us in the tropics. you’d think that with the time we spend in the sun, we’d be like “the sun’s alright, I’m used to it’s hot brilliant rays” hell no! you cant get used to heat. And i guess this is Old’s Spice’s way of showing it. was it just a stupid ad? would you remember it? what was its big idea? would you buy and use Old Spice soap? Because you’re the target.Shout out to Jordan Latour from Ontario, Canada for liking my first post. thanks man. y’all enjoy the weekend. Biggo!

a nightclub of horses…

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hey guys! how are you all doing? I’m good. thank you. #winks# like i said, I’ll be asking reviewing any creative work that strikes me. i would love to hear your views as well. i was going through, a famous site where creative works are showcased and i found an interesting print ad, powerfully executed by Heads SP, Brazil.  The copy goes like this “whatever it takes. Cabaret audio producer: Battlefield “…  A cabaret is what we now call a nightclub/pub/go-go/strip club… Catch my drift? it just made me wonder what a nightclub filled with horses and their riders performing would be like. Or is it about a battle fought on horse-back in a pub? There would be a whole lot of neighing. i think its memorable though. Because its hard to forget the image.

go horsey! its your birthday

go horsey! its your birthday

what does “whatever it takes” mean? Could it be expressing the lengths that one could go to produce music? does the work clearly pass a message to you? besides the impressive execution of the ad, what’s the big idea that led to it? Check it out